Sunday, 18 November 2012


It's been stormy weekend here, complete with wind, rain, and small hail.  It was perfect stitching weather.

I worked on two WISPs.

This one is a border for a 9 patch quilt. The 9 patch part has been done for an unmentionable amount of time.  :)  I've made other quilts since then though.  I struggle with this because I am so slow at blanket stitching.

I find this type of stitching more fun.  I prefer Shabby Chic rather than Primitive, but this design is really cute.  It is coming along nicely.

I've also chopped a bunch of veggies and made a mix of them in small bags for the freezer, so it will be quick to make a pot of homemade soup.  I made homemade mayonnaise (it's quite easy to make at home) and potato salad too! I had tomatoes, celery, potatoes, and carrots that all needed to be used soon.  I had a busy but nice day and I hope you did too.   debbie


  1. Hello Debbie, I'm visiting from Heidi's blog. You have been very busy; love your stitching projects! I'm in Brisbane and I think we're up to storm #4 for today so know what you mean about the weather!

    1. Hi Maria, Lovely to meet you. Thanks for visiting. Today was a gorgeous day, spent at Shorncliffe with an old friend. The sky was so clear but the water was brown and muddy from the storms. debbie

  2. Very cute... and what does WISPs stand for? I am kinda thinking the first two letters stand for Work In... but the rest is beyond me!

    1. Hi Chris, it stands for Work In Slow Progress :) I tend to have several types of projects on the go so I can do quilting or dolls or stitching depending on what looks good on the day. This also keeps me stocked up on WISPs too! debbie


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