Friday, 4 April 2014

Hmmm...What would you do?

Hi everyone,  
I decided to take a picture of this flimsy today.  I am so ready to quilt it, but the batting is not here yet, so it will just have to wait for another week or two. I have some pretty variegated blue thread
for machine quilting that I think will be perfect for it.

Once I had a good look at the picture, I could see something isn't right. Can you see it too?

The rows with the colours are right, but the white parts vary.  It appears this has happened because the starting block in each row is not facing the same.  What would you do?  Would you take it apart or just continue on? I get told regularly that I overthink things, am asking for other opinions.   Honest feedback is truly welcome!

I did the prep work on the two dinosaurs today. This first fabric is called "At Home in the Woods" by MCKENNA RYAN. 

This fabric is so UGLY, it is cute. Also, the colours are perfect for my blue and brown quilt.  Can you see the cane toads?  I actually really like it now.  I want this quilt to have a touch of whimsy. These are two dinosaurs in love.  The blue heart below will be between them.

This puppy is from a small triangle scrap of fabric.  I like how this looks so far, too.

This is an invitation that came in the mail today for a Morning Tea to thank the volunteers.  I can't
resist a smiling puppy.  The picture is much cuter than my camera shows though.

Tonight is FNWF over at Cheryll's place.  I baked an oatmeal cake this morning. (It's delicious)
You can have as much as you want, because the oatmeal cancels out the chocolate chips, ok?
I will settle in with some embroidery tonight. I have two that are really close to being finished, and
I also find it hard to sew on the machine at night with all the shadows.  Happy stitching, xx debbie


  1. Wow you have been a busy girl!

  2. Love the colours in your quilt. I think I would have to fix it, but that is just me. Sorry Deb. Hugs.........

  3. Fix it! It will bug you forever! LOL!

  4. I'm with Noela & De... I would unpick & re-do... I know it will be a pain, but you may end up not being entirely happy with the finished item... & after all your beautiful sewing of the HSTs that would be a bad thing... I give you permission to curse us as you wield your unpicker! x

  5. I love your modern twist on the zig zag .... At the end of the day it must be what you can live with ... Personally I see there is one above the 'true zigzags' and two below so you can easily have done that on purpose to make blocks of white ... Which will look lovely with variegated thread....

  6. I would 'reverse sew' those last two rows ... a kind way of saying I'd unpick it.

  7. I've never quilted, but as soon as I popped in and saw your photos I thought how beautiful your quilt looked. I had to look again after I read your post to see what you were referring to. If it bothers you enough to undo all that piecing then you should take the time to do it so you'll be 100% happy in the end... but I think it's lovely just the way it is. ♥

  8. Sorry Deb... but it would bug me so I'd unpick... BUT you are the one that looks at it NOT me... so if it doesn't bother you then leave it.!
    Love the colours you used...and variegated thread will look fantastic ! :)

  9. I didn't notice anything wrong in the first picture but it hit me straight away in the second one.....odd! I have learnt to let most things (that bug me) go but honestly, in this instance, I would have to redo those rows. But as Cheryll says.....If you don't mind it, then leave it as is.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs


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