Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Still Stitching

Hi everyone,
Hope your stitching is going well.  I've been working on this lately:

This is silk ribbon embroidery.  The centre rose was an experiment to see if I could use 1/8" regular ribbon for the weaving part of what is called a "spider web rose".  The ribbon worked ok for the weaving, but I wouldn't use it for the rest because it was hard to poke through the fabric. The rest is silk ribbon with a bit of DMC.  (You can click on any picture to see more detail).

The embroidery is for a bodice for a tiny little gown.

This is a premie baby gown pattern. The pattern calls for elastic at the wrists  but I changed it up a bit and used 3/8" ribbon for the sleeve casing instead, then threaded 1/8th" ribbon to tie bows at the wrist.  It gives a much more delicate finish. I did have to search the cottage  for a safety pin tiny enough to thread that ribbon through  though :)  The fabric is a pale pink gauze. It is so soft and pretty.  This will be a finish soon.

Last week, I had an appointment at the hospital.  I do this every year, so I know the routine: go as early as possible in hopes of finding a disabled parking spot, have a scan that takes around half an hour, then go sit in another clinic to wait to see the specialist.  My first appointment is always at 10:30 and I have been at the second appointment as late as 3pm in the past. I have learned to take stitching with me.  This super cute little bag was a gift to me from our dear bloggy friend Marilyn a few years back.  It is less than 5" long, but I have worked out it is the perfect size to carry everything needed to work on 1/2" hexies while waiting at the doctors.  I managed to baste around 15 on the day before my eyes got tired.  I didn't have to wait quite as long this time either, I left at 1pm.  Cool :)

The dinosaur quilt is STILL waiting for me to join the binding edges so I can hand sew the binding down.  It's been at this stage for weeks!!! I need to just do the join and get on with it already.

I am still trying to understand how to be a seller on Etsy, but one thing I have worked out is that  you can post up to 5 pictures of the item.  This is one of the pictures I used for the blue and white quilt.
I took some close up pictures to show the texture too.  That's all for now, xx debbie


  1. as you say: get on with it already!!!!

    The gown looks so pretty.

  2. The gown is looking very pretty. Love your rose on it. I think those dinosaurs will soon start roaring at you if they are not finished off quickly.

  3. Your ribbon embroidery is so pretty! :0)

  4. Lovely projects Debbie. Hospital waiting is not good but taking stitching is great idea, helps to pass the time. hugs....

  5. That baby gown is utterly gorgeous Debbie. And the quilt too... I love it cos it's blue! As for the Dinosaur quilt... come on girl! Binding takes no time at all.

  6. Wow Deb you do such beautiful work and how good do those dinosaurs look,well done.xx

  7. hi debbie, loved seeing your projects, warm regards, o'faigh

  8. Wow that ribbon embroidery is so delicate Debbie... lovely work!


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