Wednesday, 25 June 2014

WOW, Cheryll !!, Boy 14

Hi everyone,

I would like to thank some ladies today who have offered to help my recent request for donations.

Thank you to dear Cheryll who already does so much to help others with Blankets of Love and being a swap mama.

On Monday, I received this large parcel from Cheryll to put in the donation box. There are 2 puzzle books, 4 pocket tissue packets, 8nail files, 4 pens, and 4 journals. WOW!  Thank you so much for your very generous donation Cheryll. I will put these back in the post bag ready to place in the collection box.  *hugs*   Cheryll also did a blog post here.   Thank you, Cheryll.

I would also like to thank Michelle Ridgway for her blog post mention too, here.  *hugs*

A sweet blogger friend will be making some nursing pads today if she can work out rethreading her overlocker...wishing you luck with that LOL!! *hugs*

I am expecting Boy #14 arriving next Friday the 4th.  So happy!!!

He might look something like the black dog in the first picture, with a touch of grey.   All I know so far is his name, that he has been a working dog, and he is being retired.  He will come live at the cottage until he is adopted to his forever home.   Great news! xx debbie


  1. Oh Deb,good news about your furry friend and what lovely ladies you all are working hard for good causes.Hope you have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  2. Great to see stuff being sent...another doggie - wonderful!

  3. How exciting a new boy - not many sleeps to go xx

  4. How lovely a new dog is coming to spend time with you.


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