Sunday, 22 June 2014


Hi everyone,

It was lovely stitching along with you for FNSI.  I managed 3 finishes of projects in progress.

This is a premature baby size Blessing Gown.  I washed it yesterday morning and when I went to get it this morning, it looked so pretty with the sunlight showing through.

This picture shows the size a bit more accurately.  The fabric is soft pink gauze.

Here is the silk ribbon embroidery on the front. The ribbon ties at the wrists match the rosebuds.

I finished this pair of pants. Such cute fabric found during  my trip to Tasmania. 

Another cute print for a tiny baby boy.  These pants will go in the post tomorrow to Dream A Little Dream, a group of volunteers making care packages to send to premature babies and their mums all around Australia. 

In my previous post, I made a request for donations for a collection box at my next Sunday Stitchers meeting 20th of July. 

One of the messages on that post was left by Dream A Little Dream, and here it is:

Thank you so much Debbie for doing this post about us. We are so appreciative and to everyone else offering your assistance, thank you also. You are all Angels and we are so grateful.
I am still asking for help from blogging friends to make this donation box amazing.  There are 3 ways you can help:
1.  Post your donation to me to place in the box for you. (There is a parcel already on the way from NSW which I will share with you when it arrives).
2. Post your donation directly to them. You can find them here:
3. A blog post or even a mention on your blog to help me get the word out (please and thanks)!
You are welcome to use any or all text or graphics from my previous post.  Thank you for helping me to help this lovely group of volunteers. xx debbie


  1. those are lovely little finishes... how cute are the rose buds... its great to hear about the donations...

  2. I know that little dress is adorable - and more cute pants...

  3. The gown is stunning Debbie; the "baby" really puts the size into perspective xx

  4. Looks Awesome! Great work!

  5. Looks like a very productive FNSI

  6. That little gown is gorgeous and the pants are super cute. You had a really productive evening. xx

  7. That's a very productive FNSI Debbie... beautiful work...

  8. Oh my gosh Debbie your little gown is gorgeous. You do beautiful work.

  9. Your little gown has finished up beautifully, Deb. Cute pants too.

  10. That is the most beautiful blessing gown, just so sweet. And the little pants are just so cute, lovely sewing.

  11. Oh Deb your work is gorgeous,well done.xx

  12. Lovely finishes Deb. Hugs.......

  13. A beautiful Blessing Gown Deb.


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