Monday, 2 June 2014

Busy Little Cottage and Etsy too

Hi everyone,

It still feels a bit surreal that I finally have dual citizenship after all these years.

I was born a Texan....

And I passed my test, so now I am officially an Aussie too :)
I've put the official letter on my fridge for a week or so as I am still not used to the idea yet!  Not even sure what I am now:  Austexan? Texaussie?  Ausmerican?  I am happy though :)

Another dream I have had for a very long time is to make pretty things to sell.   I've been sewing since 1973 and I love to make quilts and baby clothes.  I spent a fair few hours over the past few months making things and doing the technical stuff involved, so over the weekend I was finally able to open my very own Etsy shop.

I am not that great with technical webby stuff, but I did manage to do listings and include pictures.  I have a picture I want to use for my banner and avatar, but they need to be resized and I haven't worked that part out just yet.  The shop looks ok at the moment, but it does need some decorating and prettying up a bit!  

The Sweet Little Cottage has not had this much excitement all at once in a very long time LOL.  I must keep reminding myself to take deep breaths....xx debbie


  1. Great achievement for you!!! well done!!!

  2. at least both countries have blue red white and stars!!! All the best with your Etsy store..

  3. Well done, Debbie. I have been over to your Etsy store and marked it as a favourite. Looking good.

  4. Congratulations.....It's so nice to have you on board with us....I'm off to check out your shop.

  5. Congratulations Debbie. Hugs,xx

  6. Congratulations on becoming a naturalised Aussie! Heck... that sounds like you just joined a nudist colony! Your dreams really have come true.. you have some gorgeous things in your Etsy shop. I just love the premie pants... don't think they'll fit me though! :o)

  7. Yay! congrats Deb :) I am off to have a look at your Etsy shop :) hugs Vicki xxx

  8. When's the final step - taking the oath? I'm sure the organisers would just love a cheer squad there.


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