Monday, 16 June 2014

Would You Like to Help?

Hi everyone,  

I have been contacted by a group of volunteers on the Gold Coast  that have been touched by the journey of premature birth.  This was the focus of my nursing career, so is a subject close to my heart.  I have seen firsthand how hard it can be for the mums to be stuck in a room at Ronald McDonald  house for many months, far away from home.  Dear Maree has given the ok to have a box for collections at our next Sunday Stitchers  meeting 20th July.  She has also graciously offered to deliver any donations to the volunteers as well.  Thank you, Maree!

The group has a Facebook page that you can find here:

Any care package items welcome- hand made or store bought.

If you would like to  help out in any way, here are a few ideas:

a  stitched bag for baby keepsakes (maybe drawstring or envelope type)

nursing pads (disposable or made by you)

milk collection bags

journal for mum/nurse to write in (mums love to read msgs from the nurse about what the baby did while they were away)

fabric or knitted softies (no buttons or beads, please) or quilts

word search, Sudoku, pass the time

pre paid satchel or envelopes, gift bags, etc for the volunteers to use

new or like new prem clothes, socks, booties, hats

something to pamper  mum: purse size hand gel, lotion, nail care,  snacks, etc

If you make breast pads, please package them in clear bag together.  Otherwise, please do not gift wrap any items as they will be sorted by the volunteers for mailing all over Australia.

One last request: if you like this idea, could you please tell a friend, or do a blog post mention?  Wouldn't it be fun to surprise these generous volunteers with a nice donation box in July?!
If you don't live near Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you are welcome to post to me and I will be happy to place the item in the collection box for you.  Collection Day is 20th July.
I know bloggers are a very generous group of ladies, so thank you in advance for any help with getting the word out or donations for the mums or bubs.  xx Debbie

Update: Regarding a few email enquiries: 1. It doesn't matter where you live, either Australia or elsewhere in the world. 2. You are welcome to attach your own label to a handmade item or add a note or card to be included with your gift. 3.  You are welcome to contact the volunteers via their Facebook link OR  mail your gift to me and I will place it in our donation box.  I will email you my address if required.  4.  Thanks again for offering to help with this request!


  1. Hi Debbie, my daughter was here when i got your email & i mentioned it to her. She's going to look through her goodies & also ask around her friends to see what they have that they can pass along. Hopefully i'll have a pile of goodies to bring to you next month. Hugs,xx

    1. Thank you Jeanette for your kindness, and thank you also for helping to get the word out. This could grow very fast if a friend tells a friend and so on...xx debbie

  2. I will certainly spread the word & will donate what I can. I'll see what I can come up with... and get it to you via the snail mail.
    Please Tell your friend "All The Best" from me! :)

  3. That is a great idea!


  4. great idea.... thoughtful.. thanks for the info...

  5. Wonderful Debbie. I will mention it next post too xxx

  6. I will see what I can get done for you when I get home at the end of the week Debbie - and i will mention it on my next post for you.

  7. Fantastic Idea....I will ge myself organized
    thank you

  8. Thank you so much Debbie for doing this post about us. We are so appreciative and to everyone else offering your assistance, thank you also. You are all Angels and we are so grateful.

  9. What a lovely idea, I hope heaps take up the idea and send stuff in for these Mums and babes.

  10. I'll put my thinking cap on and send you some goodies xx


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