Friday, 18 April 2014

Bunnies, Dinosaurs, Boy 14

Hi everyone and Happy Easter too.  I had a finish last week, just a small project, but several others are on the go too.

I made this cute little bunny baby bib. The bunnies are machine appliqued, the green part is ribbon, and the horizontal lines are machine quilting. The background is pastel dots on white and the tails are premade tiny bows.  The binding had to be cut on the bias to suit the curves. You can see the picture
more clearly by clicking on it.

The binding is from a pink and white "pillow ticking" fabric and the backing is tiny pink flowers.

I was able to trace two of this size bib on the one fat quarter. I've finished the machine applique on the second bib. It will have different backing and binding and bunny tails.

I've cut the strips for the dinosaur quilt binding (brown) and the bunny bib (blue mini gingham) too.
The brown looks rather like scales up close and will be a good match. The blue is cut on the bias so I can use it on the bunny bib. There might be enough for another bib or two as well.

I've finished machine quilting the scrappy quilt but the binding is not finished yet. I used pink thread.
My new light helped a LOT.  Now I don't have to sew only in daylight hours.

I've starched the backing for the blue and white zig zag quilt. This is blue and white pillow ticking fabric from my stash.  The batting has arrived too, so it is all ready for basting and quilting soon.

The brown variegated thread collection I needed for the dinosaur applique has arrived.  This was an awesome deal.  There are 5 spools of various shades of variegated browns through creams.  Each spool has 1097M (1200 yards).  This collection was 49.95, on sale for $35. I have machine appliqued the dinosaur on the left and the heart so far.

Regarding Boy 14:  He was not able to come last Friday because Sunday was my monthly Sunday Stitchers meeting. I knew I would be gone well over 3 hours, (the maximum they allow), so he would have had to stay at the kennel all day. We decided he would come to me Monday instead so I would be home with him most of the week to help him settle in.  Early Monday am, I set up the bed, got bunny and teddy ready, along with the food bowl and treats, etc.  Then I had a call that went something like this:  He spent the weekend with one of the trainers and another dog. They had a RIGHT good time, with a huge slobberfest during their play. Since it was rainy too, they have both developed a skin condition related to the dampness. They both will be on antibiotics, twice daily baths, and some shaving will possibly happen too.  We are not sure if he will come to you when he is well again, but we will let you know as soon as we have a dog for you to board.  *sigh*
My last dog was so naughty, I had no choice but to send her back, and the one before that was so unwell, they decided to put him to sleep.   I just have to be patient until the time is right again.  I've been invited to a doggy graduation ceremony at the end of April though, so I am looking forward to that nice day out.
Hopefully I will have Boy 14 or another dog come to me soon.  Happy stitching! xx debbie


  1. Goodness Debbie there's no stopping you now. The bunny bib is very cute and your dinosaurs are coming along nicely. Such a shame about boy 14.
    Have a Happy Easter xxxx

  2. Such beautiful work Deb and so sorry that you don't have another dog yet,happy Easter my friend.xx

  3. Great sewing progress Debbie...cute bib...

  4. Lots of lovely things being stitch at your place Debbie. Shame about Dog 14. Lets hope you get a doggy pal soon. hugs....

  5. So many sweet projects love your pretty bib! Happy Easter

  6. The bib is adorable for a very lucky baby.

  7. Boy, you're just a busy bee! That bib is so darn cute Debbie! I'm so sorry about Doggie 14. Hopefully, he'll get better soon. A very Happy Easter to you sweetie! xoxo


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