Thursday, 10 April 2014

Let there be light, Boy 14

Hi everyone,

Last month, I had an amazing win on Caroline's blog that you can find here.  There were 456 entries and four winners, including me (Debbie W).

Caroline gives a good description of it all, but I couldn't resist taking my own pictures too.  This picture makes me laugh!  The win was for an LED light strip that attaches to the sewing machine.  I plugged it in flat to have a look before installation, and it blinded me! I saw spots for ages after this.

This picture shows my sewing machine at night with the regular lights. There are shadows and the lights are not very bright.

This picture shows my sewing machine at night with the regular lights and the new lights on too.
The light is so bright, my camera would not flash, even though the room was dark.

This picture shows the new lights only, at night. This picture was taken in darkness and the camera still would not flash.

See the blinds there on the left? This is a daytime picture, regular lights only.

And this is a daytime picture, both sets of lights on.  This is a very cool product and I would like to offer special thanks to Caroline and to Inspired LED for this very generous giveaway. I love this product! On the paperwork with the light, it said "For when too much light is just right".  I totally agree, and I could not be happier. This light kit will make such a difference and it will mean I can sew anytime, instead of during daylight hours only.  Grateful!!!

On the sewing front,  I am awaiting a parcel from America to arrive. I need the batting to finish the blue and white quilt.  I've done as much as I can on the dinosaurs, too, but I need the brown thread that is in the parcel before I can applique them.  I've pin basted the scrappy quilt I showed in my previous post, and I will quilt that later today, using my new lights, of course!
I would also like to thank dear Fiona for posting her method for sorting little applique pieces on baking paper.  I used her method to assemble the dinosaurs and it worked perfectly.  You can find the directions on her blog under "how to", if you would like to give it a go.

I am happy to tell you I am expecting again. If you read my blog, you know I am a foster mum for the very special dogs that guide blind people.  I am expecting Boy 14 on Monday and he is a Yellow Lab.  He could have come today, but I will be out all day Sunday, so we decided to wait until I can be here all day to help him settle in.  I am grateful that I am able to help this very worthy charity.  I will post pictures of him soon, once I get to meet him too!

That's all for now. xx debbie


  1. That's a perfect light source...good for lucky you!
    All the best with your new guy! :)

  2. Congrats Deb on your lovely win.xx

  3. Great win with the lights Deb, it makes a huge difference having good light... I have seen those strips but never stuck to a machine....
    Looking forward to seeing your applique... and all the best with the new dog...

  4. It looks like the light strip will be very helpful - makes such a difference to have good light.

  5. What a wonderful little gizmo that light strip is....and such a lovely giveaway prize! I find I'm moving closer and closer to the light with my hand sewing. Maybe I need one of those to stick on my forehead! Good luck with your new foster pup! xo

  6. That light will be wonderful!
    Hope Boy 14 is better behaved than #13

  7. How lovely to win the lights. My new sewing machine, McDreamy has the most amazing lights! Very bright, so no extra ones needed.
    I hope Boy 14 arrives safely.

  8. Wow what a difference the lights make. I'll have to investigate some for my machine (exactly like yours) xxx


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