Friday, 11 April 2014

Hmmm...Boy 14

I've just had an email from my contact person at the very special dog place that I provide foster care for.  When the new boy comes on Monday, he will be  #14 for me, and just over a year now of volunteering for this very special charity.

I usually get a form that explains everything I might think to ask, such as: age, weight, habits, health issues, current medications, quirks, current food requirements, etc.....This time, my contact person is on holidays, so the form hasn't come to me yet.  It will come on Monday with Boy 14.

The email I got today made me gobsmacked...which I will say now is an understatement LOL.
These special dogs are on a raw food diet, which comes to me frozen, in a box of 12 servings.  I thaw out enough for a couple of days, and when feeding time comes, I add a bit of boiling water from the kettle to warm it up and thin it out a bit, as directed by the special place.  It looks like raw hamburger, but stinks like lamb, so I stand back when I prepare it.  Each frozen patty is 227 grams.

Out of that many dogs I have looked after, they have each either been on one patty in the am and one in the pm, or the other option is one patty in the am and half a patty in the pm, depending on their current weight and activity levels.  So, why am I gobsmacked this time?  The email I received today says that Boy 14 is on 3.5 patties per day.  3.5?!?!? Seriously?!  Now I am wondering just how big this lovely boy is that he needs THAT  much food in one day.  Now I can hardly wait until Monday when he arrives! All I know at this point is that he is a Yellow Lab, youngish, and apparently he eats a LOT more than any of my other foster pups. I am so excited to meet him soon. xx debbie


  1. I can't wait to "meet" him either Debbie xx Love your first quote it really made me chuckle...... if only..........

  2. Love the "vet" photo.. Yep he's going to be a bigger than normal boy I think - or very energetic??

  3. Just sitting wondering how you are going with new puppy.


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