Saturday, 5 April 2014

Success :)

Hi everyone,

Thank you for giving me your honest opinion about the blue and white quilt.  I had to agree with the majority and fix it.  I thought of two other options, but then decided they would take longer to do.

Here is the revised version. I am much happier with it now.  I still find it interesting that I didn't
notice anything was wrong until I looked at the first set of pictures.  This is one of those designs
that makes your eyes buggy if you stare at it too long LOL.

So, what went wrong?  I started with 10 blocks across, then decided 11 would be better.  The rows
were not sewn together yet, so I just added one block to each row.  Once I unpicked the rows that were wrong, I could see that there were just those two blocks on the left that made everything else
be in the wrong places.  It wasn't hard to fix. I only unpicked 3 rows and then remade those two blocks so they would be facing the  right way. No matter which way I turned them, they were still wrong and needed to be sewed in the opposite way.

I remade my design wall today (it's a flannel sheet on a door). The lumpy spot in the quilt top in the bottom left corner is over the door knob.  This will be a safe place to keep it until the batting arrives.
One thing I did differently with this quilt top is to spray it with a light starch mist with each pressing.
This made a noticeable difference in the accuracy of all those points, especially taking into consideration the amount of bias edges in the top. I plan to use the starch on all patchwork from now on. I used an inexpensive brand that you mix with water yourself in your own spray bottle.

While I was doing all that ironing today, I decided to get this flimsy out again. It has been finished for months. I even had the backing and batting already cut. All it needed was the final ironing before
basting.  I'm not sure if I will get to this today or wait until it's cooler in the morning in that room. xx debbie


  1. Hello Debbie,

    Glad the quilt is how you like it now. Love the scrappy one too.

    Happy days.

  2. Well done on the unpicking, it now looks fantastic.
    Starch... now there's an idea worth taking on board. Must find me some now.
    I wish I had a 'design' wall. I will have to try and sort one out for myself.

  3. I bet you are happier now even after some extra it looks great. Thanks for your company last night too! :)

  4. It looks great Debbie, so glad you changed it and you are happy with it. Yes starch does make a big difference. The scrappy quilt is lovely too. Hugs.....

  5. Yes, it does look better after the re-vamp!... Great scrappy quilt - You got a lot done...

  6. I just looked at your previous post to see why you needed to change it. Definitely worth doing some unpicking and fixing it up. Looking really lovely. .

  7. The re-do looks well worth it. Looks great.

  8. Phew! That didnt take long now did it! LOL! Well done - you achieved a lot!

  9. wow that looks heaps better,bet you are glad now that you changed it,lovely work Deb.xx

  10. good on you Debbie for doing that - sometimes when we are working so close with something, it's not until we take a pic or a step back that we see a fault or error...

  11. The pretty blue zig zags came out beautifully. Pretty fabrics. Love the dinosaurs too!

  12. Now that is something hat I would do....looks great in the long run.


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